Sunday, September 09, 2007

Welcome Home Credible Democratic American Alex Cornell du Houx

Operation Yellow Elephant welcomes back to America Bowdoin College senior [and U.S. Marine Reservist] Alex Cornell du Houx, also an official of the College Democrats, who was called up late in 2005 for duty in Iraq. We are very pleased that he has returned home safely and is already contributing to Americans' discussion of the War in Iraq (on which this blog has not taken a position).

Two years ago, then-College Republican Dan Schuberth ('06) led the Bowdoin College Republicans in denouncing Cornell du Houx' military service under the offensive theory that patriotism abroad requires political support of the current President at home.

Despite real Americans' shocked reactions, the Bowdoin College Republicans continued to show no class. Eventually, however, Schuberth apologized.

When NBC News Asked The Question, Schuberth responded:

I feel that my talents [are] most needed here in Maine.

We wish Real American Alex Cornell du Houx all the best in his final year of college.

We assume Schuberth graduated on schedule in 2006. Google says he's working on Dean Scondras' campaign for Congress in Maine's First District.


At 09 September, 2007 22:29, Blogger Wek said...


I wonder how much weight Schuberth has gained since OYE first posted on him? He wasn't a 'pillar of good health' then, but he's probably begining to grow tusks by now.


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