Saturday, September 01, 2007

Real Americans Join Operation Yellow Elephant!

A response to former Reagan White House speechwriter Peggy Noonan's "A Time for Grace" in the Wall Street Journal:

Put Some Skin in the Game
Brad O'Brien - Baqoubah, Iraq

Tell me again how many of our career life-time legislators have a son, daughter, brother or other relative here? Put some skin in this game then come talk to me.

Hat tip to Josh Levy of

Here's a blurb in Florida's St. Petersburg Times (scroll down):

Sembler wants troops to stay in Iraq

St. Petersburg developer and top GOP fundraiser Mel Sembler is jumping on a new political cause: discouraging the country from pulling out of Iraq. He's one of the major fundraisers for Freedom's Watch, the pro-Bush answer to, which has launched a TV ad campaign aimed at encouraging support for continuing the effort in Iraq. Sembler, a former ambassador to Italy and Australia, is also chairman of the Scooter Libby legal defense fund.

And here's how Real Floridians responded (Letters to the Editor,
Sept. 1):

Sembler wants troops to stay in Iraq

[ . . . ] I'm curious if millionaire Mel Sembler has any family member serving on the front lines in a combat role. I doubt it. [ . . . ]

Janice Carey, St. Petersburg.

[ . . . ] Bring on the draft and draft the privileged rich kids. [ . . . ]

Olga A. Sowchuk, Tarpon Springs.

And here's a response to Salon's article on Move America Forward:

Where are the Army recruiters?

I would think that a pro-war rally would be a great place to find people eager to be a part of this event that they're in favor of. And now even those as old as 42 [OYE Comment: 41-or-under] can participate! What an opportunity! Please follow up; I can't wait for the good news.

-- Mr_Humidty


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