Monday, August 27, 2007

Operation Spring Break

Attention College Republicans:

As summer vacation concludes, you're probably already planning what to do during Spring Break in 2008. Why not Support President Bush and Serve Your Country?

Here's what U.S. Marines did on their Operation Spring Break earlier this year in and near the city of Sharqat, Iraq. Please click on Next to see all the pics.

Serving Our Country in uniform gets you into the best shape of your life, which certainly helps you to enjoy your next Spring Break. After you publicly support military recruiters' access to your campus, why don't you make it worth their while by asking if you, too, can Be A Man! Enlist!?


At 28 August, 2007 14:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's a newsweek article written by an Iraq War Vet on why we need a draft in this country.

At 29 August, 2007 15:26, Blogger HRH King Friday XIII said...

There too busy cowering in airport restrooms.


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