Thursday, August 30, 2007

Illinois Joins Operation Yellow Elephant

Here's a puff piece from the Bloomington [IL] Pantagraph:

Gather to show support for military, Iraq victory

A few months ago, a young man had a vision for a rally to support the troops and victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. Continually disheartened by the media that maintains negative news coverage of the war on terror; he wanted to send a message from the heartland of America to show the county, state and nation that McLean County supports the military and their mission to secure Iraq and Afghanistan.

I share his vision and I am very proud of this future leader in McLean County.

Who is this young man? He is Josh Carrigan, a senior at Normal Community West High School.

From notes on a napkin to typed mission statements to setting a date and finding a venue, Josh has worked tirelessly for this event. He has contacted potential speakers, worked with the city of Bloomington and told every person he knows about the rally.

Through his efforts, we now have an opportunity to show our support for the military and victory.

The speakers for the event include U.S. Marine Corps veteran and McLean County Sheriff Mike Emery, state Rep. Dan Brady; Iraq War veteran Judge Robert Freitag, Lt. Adam Kinzinger and Vietnam veteran Rodney Worth.

In addition, the Fifty American Flags Living Memorial will be on display.

This is sure to be an electric event with an all-star list of leaders from McLean County. The rally will be on Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Miller Park Bandstand. Be there to support the military and victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is our opportunity to show the county and the country that McLean County supports victory and those that fight to achieve it.

Guy Hanna


OYE Comment:

As many of the commenters have already said [Please Join Them!], if young Mr. Carrigan really wants to Support Our Troops, he'll contact a military recruiter to enlist under the Delayed Entry Program, to take effect when he finishes high school.


At 31 August, 2007 17:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should give credit where credit is due - this article is actually from Bloomington ILLINOIS, not Indiana.

At 01 September, 2007 12:07, Anonymous Robert Johnson said...

Yes, Bloomington Illinois, birthplace of George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American National Socialist White People's Party, shot to death outside a laundromat in Arlington. Not surprising to find imperialists, militarists and fascists urging us to continue this idiotic, insane, ignorant war in Iraq. Support Ron Paul and support ISOLATIONIST foreign policy.

At 01 September, 2007 13:09, Blogger OYE said...

Thanks, anonymous. It's corrected.


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