Friday, August 31, 2007

Will Move America Forward's Robert Dixon Be A Man! Enlist!?

Robert Dixon, Executive Director of Move America Forward, is quite busy sponsoring next month's "Fight for Victory Tour." As we've pointed out before, he joined Move America Forward in July 2005, shortly after Jesus' General founded Operation Yellow Elephant.

We've asked Mr. Dixon whether he, too, will join in America's Fight for Victory. Not the Tour, but the Real Thing. Why don't you ask Robert Dixon yourself?

Hat tip to Wek.


At 02 September, 2007 15:50, Anonymous OldVet said...

Hey, I just did my duty, SIR! Email:

" Mr. Robert Dixon, Executive Director, Move America Forward
Dear Young Sir,

I’m fascinated that you’re starting a “Fight for Victory” tour next month, to support Bush and the Generals’ war in Iraq. Of course I’ve seen your recent TV advertisements on CNN by actors dolefully staring into the camera and saying it would be a shame to leave Iraq with success just starting to show itself.

I was especially impressed with how successfully somebody murdered 500 members of a Kurdish sect recently using truck bombs, and how the two main Shia factions started killing each other in Karbala last week which caused an evacuation of pilgrims from the city during their holy pilgrimage. Good work!!

You look fit enough and young enough. How about an outbreak of Patriotism at your Headquarters? Why don’t you join the Marines and go over to Iraq and Fight for Victory yourself?

You’re not one of those little yellow belly cheerleaders for war but refusing to fight, hiding behind momma’s apron strings, are you? You could take those five strapping young Mitt Romney sons with you, if you can get them to stop their “toilet patrol” in the Minneapolis Airport. Somebody ought to tell them their Dear Leader, Larry Craig, has left the building. "


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