Thursday, September 06, 2007

Glenn Greenwald Joins Operation Yellow Elephant

Here's what Glenn Greenwald of Salon has to say about Weekly Standard Yellow Elephants, commenting on Hugh Hewitt blogger Dean Barnett's cover story, "The 9/11 Generation":

[ . . . ]

Most revealingly, Barnett condemns those who refused to fight [in Vietnam] because they opposed the war and chose instead to work against it, but ignores completely those who favored the war but sent others to fight and die in it. Barnett has to ignore this group. He has no choice. He cannot possibly criticize such individuals because this group includes the editors and writers of the magazine in which he is writing, the editors and writers of the magazine in which he is writing, his blogging boss, and virtually the entire leadership of the political movement which he follows.

[ . . . ]

Then there is the much larger percentage of young Americans who vigorously oppose the 9/11-era warmongering. And finally there is the tragically sizable portion -- much larger than was true for the hated "baby boomer" generation -- characterized by that most contemptible attribute: vocal war cheerleading and a self-image of resolute strength combined with a refusal to fight, even though the war missions they cheer on are suffering due to a lack of volunteers.

OYE Comment:

This blog has not taken a position on the war.

That said, since Americans must volunteer to serve in our military, we focus on those who 'support' our nation's military objectives overseas and invite them to Be A Man! Enlist! If they're not eligible to serve [healthy heterosexuals 41-or-under], they're off the hook with Operation Yellow Elephant.

If you're eligible to serve and support the war, Our Army Needs You!


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