Tuesday, May 02, 2006

University of Missouri-Columbia: Credible College Republicans

The College Republicans at the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) are conducting their second annual care packages collection.

College Republicans President Tyson Mutrux said the drive was not politically motivated. "We do this for the soldiers,” Mutrux said. “We started this last year because it doesn’t seem people (on campus) do a lot of things for soldiers.”

According to Vice President Nikki Swisher, donations included "a lot of food, especially sunflower seeds." The organization collected a total of 161 items, eight thank-you letters for the troops and $83 in cash donations. “We approximated that all the donations equaled $500,” College Republicans spokesman TJ Carey said. “We thought it was pretty successful.”

Sophomore Jason Key, who served on active duty in Iraq last year, let people who made donations try on his body armor. “It gives people an idea of the weight and equipment they’re using to make the connection,” Carey said.

Carey said being in mid-Missouri often makes students feel like they can’t contribute. “We’re giving them an avenue to help the troops,” Carey said.

Mr. Mutrux told Operation Yellow Elephant that he is an Army reservist who was activated for a year and a half at the start of the war and is proud of his service. He appreciated every care package he received and was blessed to know people still cared about the troops. Operation Yellow Elephant salutes Mr. Mutrux and Mr. Key and thanks them for their service to our country.

So what's the difference between Mizzou and Oberlin? Service, which earns respect. At least some Mizzou College Republicans, including two men quoted in the article, have served. Which means that they did consider it, and found the courage within themselves to contact a recruiter.

There's no need for our military to try to recruit among the Mizzou College Republicans. We hope that Mr. Mutrux and Mr. Key will encourage suitable prospects to consider military service.


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