Sunday, April 30, 2006

Chickenhawk Pride! [Seriously]

The Michelle Malkin crowd proudly calls themselves the 101st Fighting Keyboardists.

Captain's Quarters blog. FreedomDogs. IMAO.

Of course, they've forgotten their 'Battle' Hymn:

The Battle Hymn of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders
(Sung to the tune of The Marine Corps Hymn)

'Tween the walls of mommy's basement
On the floors our spunk has stained
We fight our fights through proxy
With a mouse, keyboard, and brain
First to call for wars of freedom
Policies that kill the poor
We'll do the least that we can do
And fight with our keyboard.

Our George was safe - he made the Guard
And Rush had a sore ass;
Deferments saved Dick's butt five times
But not the working class;
In the dorms of far-off college quads
A light year from the war
You will find us cursin' Democrats
One Hundred-One Keyboards.

There's beer for us and guns for them
And each one has a role;
We're many so glib, we'll flame a Lib,
As warfare takes its toll;
If the Army and the Navy
Are understaffed in war;
Go find another place to turn
We're the One Oh One Keyboards.

Hat tip: sailerfraud [Check out the site. It's worth a look.]


At 30 April, 2006 15:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...


They are actually bragging that they are gutless cowards!


At 30 April, 2006 16:58, Anonymous Beth said...

Um, no. Gutless cowards? Maybe so--I'm just a disabled veteran. Some of those "chickenhawks" are too old to enlist. I know, poor excuse. They really should lie about their age. Others are ineligible for one reason or another (such as myself). But I see you're still the humor-challenged wankers you always have been--you angry little pipsqueaks ALWAYS miss the point. (See also: Hot Air.)

At 01 May, 2006 10:03, Blogger Karl said...


I don't think you're reading this blog too closely.

Our exclusive focus is urging those eligible to serve who support the war to consider volunteering for military service.

We thank veterans for their service; we thank current students in ROTC/OCS/etc for their commitment; and we thank those not accepted for enlistment for stepping forward.

Those not eligible to serve should take no offense, because this blog is not directed to you.

Look at it this way:

If President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld cannot convince real Americans eligible to serve who support the war, actually to consider volunteering, how can they possibly lead the international Coalition of the Willing to a successful outcome to the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere?

Think about it.

At 01 May, 2006 12:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love how you keep regurgitating the same crap on every site you can find. Get a life. You're sorry ass comment about you trying to join the Army is BS. You have no guts or honor. Admit it, you're just some lonely fool that has no friends. Keep trying to pass your agenda, it's helping us by showing how big of a dumbass you are. I love your lies and implications that you have caused recruiting numbers to go down. The fact is that the numbers were down before you started this stupid site.

At 01 May, 2006 13:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Beth, then you should send back your disability check, because REAL Republicans don't take gub-ment handouts. Pick yourself up by your own bootstraps soldier- your time is done. You shouldn't be a burden to us anymore.

Of course, you probably can serve Our Glorious Leader by serving with Halliburton. Or the USO. What ARE you doing to support the troops?

By the way, isn't a chickenhawk another name for a pedophile who stalks young boys?

At 01 May, 2006 14:21, Blogger Karl said...

anonymous (9:57 a.m.)-

Your comment about:

implications that [we in Operation Yellow Elephant] have caused recruiting numbers to go down. The fact is that the numbers were down before [The General] started this stupid site.

shows that you aren't reading it at all.

We actually support military service and military recruiting and started this site (on Jesus' General) when recruiting numbers started to go down early in 2005.

Sorry, but your comment makes no sense at all. Please use your own words rather than reguritating talking points.

At 01 May, 2006 20:33, Blogger Tars Tarkas said...

from the Freedom Dogs site: Yeah, yeah, and FDR and Lincoln had no business being commander in chief too, I suppose.

Hmm...FDR was assistant secretary of the navy during WW1 (basically running the show), and Lincoln was actually a Captain in a militia during the Blackhawk War, but didn't see action. Freedom Dogs should exercise their freedoms of opening a book. Too busy making crappy images to cover their yellow bellies.


At 02 May, 2006 04:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I'm posting this on every blog that "signed up for duty":

Evidently you don’t know the other definition of chickenhawk. A chickenhawk is also someone who hangs around bus and train stations looking for kids who’ve run away to the big city, so they can hook them into prostituting for them. In other words, a pimp; or in your case a “war pimp” who doesn’t mind talking up a bullshit war on their website in the hopes of “hooking” someone into enlisting in your stead.

You guys are idiots if you didn’t know this, and we are going to make you regret this little tactic, war pimp. So go ahead and wear your urine-stained t-shirts, so we can point at you and laugh!

Feel free to visit them, and don't forget the new name: war pimps.


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