Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rally for Rumsfeld: At Your Local Recruiting Office

Attention Pro-War Conservatives:

There's only one place to show your support for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: Your local Armed Forces Recruiting Center. The Left's Raging Grannies protest at recruiting offices; so can you. Here are some tips:

-- Bring Your Own Recruit: Healthy heterosexual male under 40, who supports the war, and encourage him to consider military service. [Our military is 85% male; females are also welcome.] A College or Young Republican is a plus, but not required.

-- Invite your local political establishment, especially that of our governing party, to show their support for Secretary Rumsfeld and President Bush. Place special emphasis on healthy heterosexuals under 40 who have not already served in our military.

-- Invite your local media to Ask The Question of your local political establishment: Do they personally know anyone in our military? If eligible to serve, have they considered volunteering? If not eligible to serve, have they encouraged their eligible relatives and friends, their circles of influence, to consider military service?

-- Let the Raging Grannies protest the war on the left side; pro-war Americans support Secretary Rumsfeld on the right.

-- Please engage with other citizens, even if you don't agree with them. Forget slogans and talking points; speak politely using your own words. You may find some common ground. If you agree to disagree, that's OK, too.


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