Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Code Pink Welcomes the College and Young Republicans to the Counter-Recruitment Movement!

Since political gerrymandering makes voting in Congressional elections an exercise in futility, anti-war leftists have been enormously successful with the grass-roots Counter-Recruitment Movement. [Just 'google' counter-recruitment military and you'll see.]

Code Pink is one of many groups opposing the war by discouraging eligible men and women from considering military service. The College and Young Republicans have responded enthusiastically, to the point that a Young Republican at a recruiting center is nothing more than satire.

Operation Yellow Elephant commends the College and Young Republicans for demonstrating their confidence in Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and supporting his leadership of the Department of Defense.


At 22 April, 2006 19:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think encourging Supporters of the Iraq war to join the war is the way to go. Instead of a protest Rally a College Republican enlistment drive will show peoples true colors.

What is Michelle Malkin going to say about a group of anti-war protesters trying to get War supporters to enlist? Nothing.


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