Sunday, April 23, 2006

Genuine National Leadership: Prince Harry

Prince Harry insists on leading his men into battle. If they won't let him serve as he swore (and was trained, with his men) to do, he'd rather resign.

Good for him. He's showing the world genuine national leadership responsibility to set a good example for the rest of us.

Of course, the commentariat are quite correct that press attention to his unit may make it a more inviting target for the bad guys. But that comes with the territory. [Besides, can't Buckingham Palace ask the press to leave him, and his men, alone?]

His older brother, Prince William, is still training at Sandhurst, so the same question will come up again.

We respect Prince Harry's decision. If "they" keep him in a safe place in the rear for someone's protection (certainly not his own), there will be no point in serving at all.

How about you, Henry Hager, or Presidential nephew Pierce Bush? Be A Man! Enlist!

Hat tip to Steve Gilliard.


At 24 April, 2006 10:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Henry and Pierce. Don't let that pansy-ass limey be more of man than you! You can't let that tea-drinker have bigger family jewels (figuratively -- literally, they got you beat) than you!!!!


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