Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hilton Hotels: Kicking Out Our Troops!

Steve Gillard is one of many bloggers spreading the word.

I learned from Doonesbury that Fran O'Brien's Steak House restaurant, in the basement of Washington DC's Capital Hilton Hotel, invites wounded servicemembers from Walter Reed Army Hospital's Ward 57, and their families, to be their guests every Friday night. They've done this for years, completely on the house, and have welcomed a wave of wounded warriors from Iraq, along with their loved ones, to help them recover. [Full disclosure: I've visited Fran O'Brien's a couple of times precisely because I want them to know I appreciate their doing this.]

Well, Hilton Hotels has handed Fran O'Brien's an eviction notice. I wonder if any influential member of the Hilton family, or high-powered Hilton Corp. management, personally knows any Global War on Terrorism veteran or current servicemember. Assuming that all real Americans want to support our troops with more than yellow [right, yellow!] ribbons and care packages, this is incredibly bad p.r. at best. Even Michelle Malkin is upset.

Hat tip also to DailyKos.


At 22 April, 2006 15:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great recruiting opportunity at JMU . College Rupublican Animal Rights Activists !

At 18 December, 2009 14:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand that it was Cheney himself who 'recommended' that Hilton evict Fran precisely for their 'disruptive display of charity to the riff-raff.'


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