Monday, May 01, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Today is Loyalty Day and also the third anniversary of Mission Accomplishment.

We won't know until late October 2006 how the current fiscal year's recruiting mission accomplishment is going. The Army intends to recruit a substantial percentage of the overall quota of c. 80,000 and send them to basic training from June through September.

Stay tuned.


At 02 May, 2006 12:49, Anonymous Ed Drone said...

Turn the Boat Around
(to the tune of Yellow Rose of Texas)

Our leader landed on the deck dressed in a soldier suit,
A banner stretched above his head, he looked so doggone cute.
But San Diego could be seen, right there in the background,
So the order soon was given, “Turn the boat around.”


It’s time to turn the boat around, that’s what the people say.
The course our leader’s setting is exactly the wrong way.
The compass reads “disaster,” he’s run us hard aground,
It’s time to fire the skipper, and then turn the boat around.

He claimed that he’d found danger, as plain as white and black,
And the source of all that danger was in far-away Iraq.
Terror, weapons, poison gas, nukular missiles, too,
All waiting, primed and ready, to use on me and you.


So we went in a-shooting, and had ‘em on the run,
With bought-and-paid-for press along, to show us all the fun.
We never found those weapons, the poison gas and such,
And the folks whose land we shot to hell don’t like us very much.


Now, here at home, the policies are tilted toward the rich,
Big tax cuts and a deficit that’s grown to be a bitch.
But there’s a plan to fix it, to help both you and me –
They’ll spend it all, and take it from Social Security!


This is the “ship of state,” not another “photo op,”
And when it gets to going, it’s damn-all hard to stop.
But if we can turn a carrier to try to fool the press,
Then we can turn the country ‘round, and get out of this mess.


Copyright ©2003 Bob Clayton & Ed Drone

At 07 May, 2006 04:53, Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Turn the boat around .. this country is run by scary dudes with scarier ideas


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