Monday, March 06, 2006

Hey, Jordan Smith! Try One!

Attention Military Recruiters:

Jordan Smith, Chair of the University of Wisconsin (Madison) College Republicans, has been involved in a variety of Republican activities since joining the College Republicans in her sophmore year. Senior Robert Thelen, a College Republicans member, said, "She's a very good organizer, she understands the principles of being a Republican, and she's just an all around good person. She gives people the opportunity to succeed and it really makes it possible for people to get involved."

But Ms. Smith hasn't made up her mind what to do after graduation. She wants to give herself at least a year to assess her life and figure out how she wants to be involved and get a career to do what she loves.

Well, Jordan, I have just the suggestion: The U.S. Army offers a 15-month enlistment (including basic training) called "Try One." You seem to have the leadership qualities for Officer Candidate School as well. 'Best of all, you have the political connections to keep you out of stop-loss if you decide not to re-enlist. [And the Army will appreciate one example of someone actually leaving after 15 months.]


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