Saturday, March 04, 2006

Helping CENTCOM Support Our Troops!

Daily Kos has picked up on this, but we've known for a while. U.S. Central Command, which is fighting the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti and elsewhere, is reaching out to bloggers. Well, the Internet offers free access to everyone and that includes the government! [Like, even in the olden days, King George subscribed to newspapers; today, Larry Flynt sends free copies of Hustler Magazine to all Congressional offices.]

We're pleased that at least somebody is using his or her brain to think, as long as they 'engage' in a manner that respects constitutional rights. [If you post contact information on your website, you're inviting anyone to contact you.] And if they do, please share it with the blogosphere.

Of course, if CENTCOM has enough troops to waste time doing this, maybe military recruiting of well qualified applicants isn't really that much of a problem. If so, why won't the Army tell us how many (or how few) of November's and January's recruits are Category IV?

So here's our message to CENTCOM: Please pass along our Military Recruiting Leads so that recruiters will contact the prospects we've identified. And let us know how they respond when a real recruiter Asks The Question.

President Bush and Operation Yellow Elephant thank you.

Update: See the first comment for CENTCOM's message.


At 05 March, 2006 10:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Karl:

Thanks for your interest in CENTCOM. We've been adding content to the webpage ( to include audio and video. As the piece by CPT Alvarez pointed out, bloggers like yourself are welcome to use any of it. There's also a page of links to various military and governmental websites, a weekly electronic newsletter and monthly Coalition Bulletin you can subscribe to via e-mail or read online, and more.

We should be expanding it even further in the future.

We don't have anything to do with recruiting -- can't help you there -- but as far as being a source of information about Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, I hope it proves to be useful.

SPC C. Flowers
CENTCOM Public Affairs

At 05 March, 2006 10:21, Blogger Karl said...

Specialist Flowers-

Thank you very much for your service, even on a Sunday.

While this blog focuses more on the military recruiting that makes Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom possible, I'm sure we'll stay in touch.

And if you could please pass along our blog to anyone you may happen to know at U.S. Army Recruiting Command, I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

Draft Young Republicans! Join Operation Yellow Elephant!

Thank you very much.


Karl Olson

At 05 March, 2006 22:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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