Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Ian! 'See You at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center

Attention Military Recruiters!

Pro-war blogger Ian at Expose the Left just turned 18. Let's see him Be A Man! Enlist!

Here's what troll-enabler Neal said in response:


Ian can do much to support the president and the war by managing this site, posting great articles, and sharing his views. His impact would be far less greater were he one soldier in Iraq. Not that one soldier can’t make a difference, but with Ian’s resources, he can reach more people in his current position.

moonbat trolls

OYE Comment: Neal, I think that our milbloggers in Iraq have a lot more credibility that a 'supporter' of the troops who is eligible to serve but refuses even to consider enlisting. In other words, a pussy.


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