Saturday, February 25, 2006

Iraq Success Story: Latest Update

via Americablog, even you can review our great progress in Iraq: The number of Iraqi battalions (several hundred men) capable of engaging the insurgents on their own has dropped from one to zero, while the number capable of taking the lead (with "some U.S. help") has increased from 36 to 53. An additional 45 can support U.S. forces. Well done! Even William F. Buckley agrees.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for the surge of Young Republicans Supporting President Bush. I think we'll be waiting as long as U.S. forces are in Iraq. After all, here's what he said to the American Legion yesterday:

I see some people who are not quite veterans yet that are with us, members who are serving all branches of government, and I thank you all for coming.

Excuse me, but does President Bush mean that Jenna's beau Henry Hager with a political patronage sinecure at the Commerce Department is a "not quite veteran" rather than a chickenhawk pussy? [That is, assuming he hasn't tried to serve in our military. If he applied and was rejected, We Thank Him for Stepping Forward and encourage him to contribute in other ways, including what he's doing right now.]

Seriously, folks, our country still has a problem achieving the objectives our political leadership has set with the resources and assets, including both people and policies, currently available. 'Just because the Army has met its recruiting quotas does not mean they are turning well-qualified people away.


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