Sunday, February 19, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead: Savannah, GA

Attention Military Recruiters:

The Savannah Area Young Republicans [all heterosexuals under 40, most healthy] meet Thursday, February 23, at 6:30 p.m. at Churchill's Pub, across Bay Street from the Hyatt Regency. They'll be hearing political consultant Dave Simons on "running a successful campaign."

Certainly these proud patriots want to Support President Bush any way they can. At least it should be good for a free drink.


At 20 February, 2006 16:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, if this isn't a long-hoped-for DREAM of many Dems, I don't know what is. (Read below) This idea of ONE MESSAGE on anything, one voice, a clearly articulated STANCE and PLAN about something - Iraq better still! - this uncharacteristic behavior amongst the many apparant prima-donans that comprise the DNC should be further encouraged and rewarded and talked about on every progressive blog.

The DNC contact page:

Democrats may unite on plan to pull troops
See Iraq withdrawal, deployment in region
By Rick Klein, Globe Staff | February 20, 2006

WASHINGTON -- After months of trying unsuccessfully to develop a common message on the war in Iraq, Democratic Party leaders are beginning to coalesce around a broad plan to begin a quick withdrawal of US troops and install them elsewhere in the region, where they could respond to emergencies in Iraq and help fight terrorism in other countries.
The concept, dubbed ''strategic redeployment," is outlined in a slim, nine-page report coauthored by a former Reagan administration assistant Defense secretary, Lawrence J. Korb, in the fall. It sets a goal of a phased troop withdrawal that would take nearly all US troops out of Iraq by the end of 2007, although many Democrats disagree on whether troop draw-downs should be tied to a timeline.

Howard Dean, Democratic National Committee chairman, has endorsed Korb's paper and begun mentioning it in meetings with local Democratic groups. In addition, the study's concepts have been touted by the senator assigned to bring Democrats together on Iraq -- Jack Reed of Rhode Island -- and the report has been circulated among all senators by Senator Dianne Feinstein, an influential moderate Democrat from California.

The party remains divided on some points, including how much detail to include in a party-produced document, fearful of giving too much fodder for attacks by Republicans.

But in its broad outlines, many leading Democrats say the Korb plan represents an answer to Republicans' oft-repeated charge that Democrats aren't offering a way forward on Iraq -- and to do so in a way that is neither defeatist nor blindly loyal to the president.

At 21 February, 2006 13:51, Anonymous Samwise Galenorn said...

Now, all we need is a time machine so we can give it to 'I-have-no-policy' John Kerry when he was running for president.

At 21 February, 2006 15:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can't keep sending the same people into combat. If the republicans would like the war to continue they are going to have to start enlisting - or is that just for "lesser" people?


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