Saturday, February 11, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead: Georgia: College Republicans Annual State Conference, Emory University, Atlanta, February 24-25

Attention Military Recruiters:

Atlanta's Emory University hosts the Georgia College Republicans Annual State Conference February 24-25, gathering hundreds of healthy heterosexuals well under 40 who are eligible to Support Our Troops to Finish the Job by volunteering for military service in Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever the Pentagon wants.

If you think the College Republicans aren't Supporting President Bush enough, please let them know. Scroll down to Feedback. Or ask State Chairman Britton Alexander directly.


At 11 February, 2006 10:21, Anonymous The NYCR said...

Hahaha, nothing gives commies more credibility than having a spokesperson named "Karl."

At 11 February, 2006 10:37, Blogger Karl said...

As in Karl Rove, of course.

By the way, are you eligible to serve? Have you considered it?

At 11 February, 2006 21:14, Blogger Mary said...

You are all a bunch of commie liberal shit! You are weak cum stains! FUCK YOU ALL! HILLARY IS YOUR ONLY HOPE! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are fucked!

At 12 February, 2006 00:45, Anonymous undiscovered said...

At least we aren't mentally retarded, narrow minded followers of a semi-illiterate, ventriloquist dummy of a man who does nothing but try to screw this country over by driving it further and further to the right. The Supreme Court was created to be bipartisan for a reason. So please, do us all a favor and go to the war you people wanted.

At 12 February, 2006 23:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet if we had a democratic president and a democrat-controlled Supreme Court you wouldn't be arguing for bipartisanship. So please, go protest the nation that gives you people so much.


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