Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sherman Oaks, CA, joins Operation Yellow Elephant

This LA Times Letter to the Editor says it all:

You want a war? Then you go fight it

February 3, 2006

Re "57% Back a Hit on Iran if Defiance Persists," Jan. 27

The military is having problems enlisting new recruits. Our brave men and women in the armed forces are serving tour after tour in war zones (Iraq, Afghanistan), facing death every day, yet 57% of Americans at home approve of a new war. Where are these brave people, husbands, wives, sons and daughters? I don't see them getting in line and being the first to enlist in the face of this new threat. Please don't let somebody else fight, kill or die for you. Do the honorable thing; stand behind your own words and enlist. Your nearest recruiting center is waiting with open arms.


Sherman Oaks


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At 16 February, 2006 12:06, Blogger Aaron Kinney said...

Oh my god I live in Sherman Oaks, CA! Awesome!


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