Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nebraska Joins Operation Yellow Elephant!

Mr. Ralph B. Palmer of Wilber, Nebraska, an Air Force veteran, Asks The Question of the Journal Star newspaper in the state capital, Lincoln. Money quote:

(402) 742-3339 is the key to victory in Iraq.

We need more U.S. boots there.

If you're pro-war, then volunteer for Iraq.

We are losing because America's No Show Patriots are hiding from their own bravado.

No Show Patriots talk a good war on terror - but refuse to go anywhere near it.

They masquerade as heroes - but flee any risk.

Now, as in the 1960s, No Show Patriots endanger other Americans
. . . . .
For victory we need more U.S. boots, not fewer.

Many of our troops are on their third combat tour while millions of Young Republicans and crusading Christians are ecstatically Warring on Terrorism - on their PlayStations.

No Shows must start walking the patriotism they talk.

For victory, call (402) 742-3339 and volunteer.

That's the Army recruiting office.


At 01 February, 2006 14:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karl, you hit the nail on the head. Your comment about Young Republicans fighting terrorism on Play Stations is classic. Keep up the good work.

At 03 February, 2006 01:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I called him and he was like shut the fuck up and I was like shut the fuck up and then he hung up on me so I had to

At 11 February, 2006 21:20, Blogger Mary said...



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