Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead: Fergus Falls, Minnesota

Attention Military Recruiters:

The Teen-Age Republicans (TARS) of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, hold their first meeting tonight to watch President Bush's State of the Union speech. State Rep. Bud Nornes (R-Fergus Falls) will host them in his home. The top end of the TARS demographic, through age 19, is clearly eligible for military service, if otherwise qualified. And the Pentagon will surely welcome all of them in their databases.


At 01 February, 2006 12:32, Anonymous Kezaro said...

A little embarrassing tidbit for all the yellow elephants out there. Prince Harry joins the military.


Hell, he's practically French, and he's still more brave than any wealthy Republican.

At 01 February, 2006 20:25, Anonymous Rick said...

This site is no fun to visit anymore. It appears nobody is monitoring the comments, which are completely infested with all-caps trolls. C'mon, this is your blog. Maintain it!

At 02 February, 2006 04:59, Blogger Karl said...


Thank you. I have monitored the comments occasionally and taken out the racial slurs. If you can provide any specific examples that should also be edited out, I welcome your ideas.

At 03 February, 2006 01:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they should call it FAGus falls haha

At 03 February, 2006 12:05, Blogger Sadie Baker said...

Screeching is bragging about shitting his pants? In all caps?

Republicans are so strange.

At 03 February, 2006 14:32, Blogger Robot Buddha said...

Ain't it the truth. It would seem all of the College Republican Fratboys are too busy on the internets to go down to the Recruiting Office and sign up for the cool awesome war. Whay do they hate America?


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