Friday, February 10, 2006

Why Political Hacks Don't Support Our Troops

Garrison Keillor says it best in his column:

So a young Republican lady or gent could be tickled pink to land a job as Assistant Secretary for Compliance Assurance and get an 18x24 office with a window looking out on the Washington Monument and spend the day in meetings after which you will write memos of ingenious persiflage and obfuscation, like a cat smoothing the litter box.

Republicans believe in smaller government and deregulation, but it takes more and more of their friends and loved ones to not regulate us, and who can blame them? Washington is the perfect place for the slacker child who flubbed his way through college and flopped in business and whom friends and family kept having to prop up - find him a government job.

Comment: At least if you make it through basic training, you've accomplished something on your own. And you might find your strength within yourself.

How about you, Henry Hager?


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