Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Reminder: Be Careful What You Ask For!

Attention Democratic Party Establishment!

Thank you for fulfilling the intended function of the loyal opposition in a democracy by proposing specific responses to current challenges. Complaining, no matter how valid, isn't enough. But Steve Gilliard is right: responses must be realistic.

Don't forget: If it's worth real Americans volunteering to place themselves at risk, that must include the leaders of our loyal opposition and their own circles of influence, as they seek to govern our country. It'll be much more difficult this time around, because a large proportion of the soldiers of the next few years are being recruited today.

The best way to make the point is for a Democratic Member of Congress under 40 or 42 to resign his/her seat to enlist. All it takes is one, which is one more than the Yellow Elephants have given up, despite their control of our government.

All of that said, we only have one President at a time and right now our President is Dick Cheney, or is it Karl Rove, or maybe George W. Bush. Let's just say we have only one governing party in the White House at a time; for now, the Democrats are off the hook. But please keep in mind that national leadership responsibility is more than Supreme Court appointments. It also includes real leadership.

And you can't take credit for Paul Hackett, either, not after dissing him out of the Ohio Senate race.


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