Saturday, March 04, 2006

Military Recruiting Leads: Minnesota

Attention Military Recruiters:

Our governing party has turned its focus to Minnesota; because of their mission to Support President Bush and yours to support our Commander-in-Chief, you'll find that elusive "synergy" and plenty of motivated prospects there.

First, the group Progress for America is testing an ad buy in Minnesota to build support for the War on Terror. They seem to be serious, except for one thing: They treat our military as some sort of separate fighting caste, rather than real Americans just like everyone else.

How so?

Because nowhere on their site do they encourage real Americans personally to consider military service, whether for themselves (if eligible) or their relatives and friends. Where do they think our servicemembers come from? They don't come from America; they are America, as are we. So any benefits to military recruiting will be secondary.

Second, Minnesota's Teen Age Republicans collaborate with the College Republicans to focus on your demographic. Here's their e-mail address. Andy Post from Lakeville wants to be President someday; make sure he has real military service in Iraq on his resume. Tell him college can wait.

Update: Nora Jensen, Chair of the Minnesota Teen Age Republicans, responded:

Dear Mr. Olson:

Thank you for your encouraging words and consideration. We already have a good group of our active members who are in the ROTC program and are planning on joining the services. I will pass on the message. Again, thank you.

Well, Ms. Jensen, please let Operation Yellow Elephant know when they finish basic training and go on active duty. We want to give credit where it is due. And we thank them for their commitment to our nation.


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