Sunday, March 21, 2010

Always Running From Something

College Republicans prefer to send care packages to servicemen rather than become servicemen.
In 2007, DePauw's College Republicans national charter was discontinued due to inactivity. But thanks to the efforts of a group of dedicated students, the chapter is once again official. On the heels of that accomplishment, the group is organizing the DePauw Dash, a 5K race to benefit a U.S. soldier.

"We have roughly 70 members," said Sam Spahn, president of the DePauw College Republicans. "All we've been doing since September is basically recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. It's a lot like campaigning, just like a candidate would do."

Sad how little they know about the serviceman they're sponsoring (also unsurprising).
The DePauw Dash is slated for April 10. Through the Soldier's Angels organization, the DePauw College Republicans have "adopted" a soldier by the name of Michael Scaglione. Funds raised through the DePauw Dash will be used to put together care packages for Scaglione.

"(Scaglione) is in the Navy and is currently in Iraq," Spahn said. "But we don't know where he's from or any other details about him."



At 22 March, 2010 18:17, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

This being "run" by republicans roughly 90% of the money raised will be stolen by the bastards.

At 22 March, 2010 18:34, Blogger Karl said...

Well, if the DePauw College Republicans really lack the courage to Be A Man! Enlist!, at least this might help a real person deployed. Even if they confuse a Navy man with a Soldier.

But the best way to do so is to send something homemade.


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