Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ben Quayle update: Still waiting . . .

We established contact with the Ben Quayle Campaign over the weekend, and Asked The Question. We have received indications that they received our questions, but have yet to advise whether they plan to respond.

We noted that whether to respond is, of course, their decision, and politely requested that they at least please tell us if their response will be silence, so that nobody would waste anyone's time. We haven't heard anything yet.

We've also received an e-mail from someone in the Quayle camp commenting on our blog. We've taken the comments into account; we've also requested permission to post those comments directly related to our topic.

We wanted to assure our readers that we are very much interested in Asking The Question of Ben Quayle, and in providing him, through his campaign, the fullest possible opportunity to respond.

We hope Ben Quayle is man enough to respond to a tough but fair question all by himself. Stay tuned.



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