Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Peter Beinart. Gutless invertebrate.

Most of the jackasses we highlight on OYE are relatively harmless. A guy like Jason Mattera is a circus clown, a guy like Matt Continetti is a phony intellectual whose little sister used to kick his ass.

Not the case with Peter Beinart. He's job hopped around to several major media outlets and currently writes for Time and The Daily Beast and has proudly advocated for war he's unwilling to fight in.

TBogg sums up his warmongering in 3 Acts:
Act One :We totally need to go into Iraq and kick some fucking ass.

Act Two :You know that time l got all, “America, fuck yeah!” Well… my bad.

Act Three : OMIGAWD! If we leave Iraq real soon things are going to go really badly! Who could have predicted? No me, that’s who.
And since we live in an age that rewards cowards Mr. Beinart has been awarded with another book deal.

We'll keep tabs on his upcoming book tour. If he comes to your city maybe you can drop by and ask why his bony ass never enlisted for the wars he pimped.



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