Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ben Quayle and AZ3 in the New York Times

The New York Times has taken official notice of the Republican primary contest for a rare open seat in Arizona's Third District in the Phoenix area, no doubt because Ben Quayle, above, a son of the former Vice President, is one of eight candidates. Here's what Ben Quayle said to the Times:
“I think a lot of people can see themselves in me,” he added, “having gone through a period in their lives when they were focused on building their careers and were not as involved as they should be.”

“The honor of public service was instilled in me at a young age,” he said.
OYE Comment: Wow.

At least Ben Quayle's admitted having been "not as involved as [he] should be" in, say, the Global War on Terrorism [under the leadership for many years of then-President George W. Bush], while he was "focused on building [his] career."

Although off-topic for this blog, we note that not many of those he aspires to represent, Ben Quayle's future constituents, had even heard of him. Other Republicans, including Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, the only other candidate profiled in the article, have records of public service at the state and local level going back years.

Ben Quayle seems like a nice guy, but does that mean he has the national leadership gravitas to serve effectively in Congress?



At 13 March, 2010 22:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did he even vote?

I think that bears investigation: seems like his political apathy can really be fertile ground for any challengers.


At 16 March, 2010 07:14, Blogger OYE said...

JSG, thanks for your comment.

While Ben Quayle's voting record is off-topic for this blog, it certainly seems like a legitimate issue for AZ3 to consider. Let's hope someone out there is looking at it, as is appropriate in a democracy.


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