Friday, March 12, 2010

Smith College Republicans

Just like College Republicans everywhere else, the ones at Smith are also 'always the victims'.
Conservative students at Smith face extreme adversity from their peers if they make their opinions public. During last year's Conservative Coming Out Day, an annual event held by the Smith Republicans to encourage Smith students to come out as conservatives or moderates, several Smithies said that they would join the club, but were afraid of the social ramifications: being taunted, ridiculed and ostracized by their housemates and friends.

This is a valid concern, since several members of the club have suffered harassment. In the heat of the last presidential election, girls in one member's house posted vicious messages on her door. Additionally, it has been nearly impossible to advertise our club's events because fliers are torn down within hours. If they do remain up, they are vandalized. Earlier this year we wanted to inform our fellow Smithies about what Republicans actually believe by placing facts about the party on candy bars; we placed fliers around campus saying "free chocolate." One Smith student decided to write "and torture" underneath. The ignorance and intolerance inspiring this action speaks for itself.
Who knows? Maybe they do have a point. From an outsider's perspective I guess it would seem unfair to label this as 'typical College Republican whining'.

And there is someone else at Smith standing up for the CR's:

Exercise a little tolerance for Republicans



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