Friday, March 12, 2010

Ben Quayle update: He has a website!

Arizona businessman Ben Quayle, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the Third Congressional District in the Phoenix area, and son of the former Vice President, has made some progress. He [finally] has a website!

In "About Ben," here's what he has to say on our topic:
Ben Quayle believes in America’s position as the role model for the world.

Ben Quayle commits to:

-- Vote for a strong national security policy that takes real steps to protect our nation
-- Support a dramatic enhancement in our border security [sort of related to our topic]

Throughout his life, Ben’s family has instilled in him the importance of public service.

[Note: We've just included info on our topic.]
OYE Comment:

We've asked The Question to the Ben Quayle campaign, and we'll let you know if Ben [himself!] responds.



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