Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Squawk-back at the Chickenhawks IV

Marvin (Dec. 9 1502 or 3:02 p.m.) posted the following:

The Vast Right Wing Blogosphere can and will take effective action to SUPPORT our TROOPS.

Great! Will this include encouraging well qualified individuals, of whatever political opinion (if any), to consider volunteering for military service? And actually helping them to contact a recruiter? And if not, why not?

Dr. Weevil (Dec. 10 1243) responded to Bob Munck on several issues; I'll just focus on one question:

I'm really tired of people alleging that the current administration is "stunningly incompetent" without offering detailed and plausible suggestions as to how it should have acted differently.

Well, Dr. Weevil, here's a suggestion for the present/future as to how the current administration should act differently: Our national leaders should do as the Army Chief of Staff General Schoomaker suggested and encourage well qualified Americans to consider volunteering for military service. [scroll down towards the end] No one has actually taken that small step. And Jenna's beau's absence from our "noble cause" speaks volumes.


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