Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Squawk-back at the Chickenhawks I

I can no longer comment on this blog, Citizen SMASH - The Indepundit, on the Chickenhawk Argument, due to the passage of time, so I'll respond here. I'm focusing on specific responses to my posting (Dec. 9 0810). Start there and scroll down on the 24-hour clock (AKA military time).

Q: Is Operation Yellow Elephant anti-free speech, anti-democratic (0853), First Amendment (1016), the "right to speak out for or against the war" (1017), "a dishonest and pathetic attempt to silence those who support the war," (1234)?

A: Of course not. Operation Yellow Elephant welcomes free speech and democracy and utilizes everyone's First Amendment rights to ask why the future leaders of our governing party are shirking their national leadership responsibilities to set a good example for the rest of us. Anyone who thinks that a single blog comment is actually an "attempt to silence" anyone is more like Chicken Little than a Chickenhawk. If Asking The Question leaves you speechless, well, that's your decision, not mine.

Q: Did I sign up to go to Afghanistan? (0900) Am I "on the left"? (0900)

A: On 9/11/01 I was actually learning all about war and had just turned 41 (too old then, but the Army has since asked Congress to raise the maximum age to 42). I've sought to go in my current capacity but have been rejected due to my health (good, but not perfect). Furthermore, it wasn't until early 2005 that our military started to have trouble meeting its recruiting quotas. Operation Yellow Elephant formed precisely because of the contrast between the faux-Potemkin efforts to Support The Troops and the reality, apparent in early 2005, that the future leaders of our governing party have no intention even of considering military service.

A: What made you think that I'm "on the left"?


At 03 January, 2006 12:24, Blogger Newsguy said...

Good blog. I see dozens of yellow "Support Our Troops" magnetic yellow sticker ribbons on SUVs every day. But I would bet lunch and dinner and my house that 90 percent of them never served, nor would they encourage their kids to serve in the military. I did. And even though I never saw combat in Korea, I know enough about the prospect of combat to know I never wanted to see it. Seems to me real veterans overwhelmingly reject the Bush philosophy on war...which is that it is a good and noble thing and that it solves problems. On the contrary, Iraq has caused us no end of problems for years to come.


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