Sunday, January 01, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead: Tampa, FL

Well, it seems as if the Tampa Bay Young Republicans have led the renaissance of Downtown Tampa with Downtown After Six, with TBYRs Adam Smith and Fred Pirone quoted. Their motto is "Republican Leadership Starts Here" and they even have a link to the U.S. Army on their website (but nobody's discussing THAT topic).

Well, if the Tampa Bay Young Republicans want to show real Republican Leadership, have Adam Smith and Fred Pirone considered volunteering for military service? Nick Peters is wearing an Iraq T-shirt; was he there? If so, thank you for your service. Otherwise, please consider volunteering.

Your Country Thanks You.


At 01 January, 2006 14:13, Blogger Blogenfreude said...

My them's some well fed young Repugs! Boot camp would trim 'em right up!

At 01 January, 2006 22:23, Blogger phinky said...

I have a potential lead. Anna Benson, jock wife and starlet wannabe. According to her biography, she loves guns and calls herself a "Irreverent humanitarian".


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