Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Respond to Yellow Elephants in Campus Newspapers

The best way to Ask The Question of College Republicans and Young Republicans who are quoted in campus newspaper articles as supporting the war, is through a Letter to the Editor of that same campus newspaper. This helps to identify hypocrisy - and hypocrites - for the entire student body to encourage them to Support The President in the most honest way they can.

It worked quite well with David Coogan at Michigan State University. And also at Northeastern University. And also with Tim Sutherland, Chairman of the College Republicans at UC Davis. [scroll down to fourth item; see also the next one]

The key is to focus on the specific person quoted in the article, and Ask The Question. Your letter should focus specifically on the topic and avoid distractions. You need not copy the official description of Operation Yellow Elephant but can amend it to focus on your own interests. Above all, be honest. If you have no connection to the school, say so up front.

Don't forget: If anyone in the article is a veteran or ROTC, etc., thank them for their service. If the article Answers The Question by stating that a person is ineligible to serve, you don't have to ask it. Let's see if we can generate some serious encouragment out there to College Republicans and Young Republicans to do their duty.

Be A Man! Enlist!

Ask The Question. And others will continue to do so.


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