Sunday, December 25, 2005

Military Recruiting: The MSM Just Doesn't Get It

Washington Post Ombudsman Deborah Howell got lobbied by the Pentagon and the Heritage Foundation about why their November 4 story on military recruiting was, like, wrong. [Typical of the MSM, Howell didn't even bother to link to the article. Duh!]

It always makes sense to put the monkey on the back of the lobbyists representing the power structure. If The Pentagon is trying to convince me that the adult offspring of rich, politically connected Republicans and Bush supporters really are enlisting in noticeable numbers, they can introduce me to some of them. If The White House really wants me to believe that a single member of the Bush Clan is serving in the military, especially in the enlisted ranks, Scott McClellan can tell me who it is and how (s)he is related to the President.

The Heritage Foundation is quite correct in debunking the liberal myth about the origins of America's all-volunteer military. But that leads to Operation Yellow Elephant: How many former Heritage Foundation interns (etc.) are now serving, or have served, in the military? How many current Heritage Foundation interns (etc.) have military experience, or at least volunteered [even if not accepted for enlistment]? How many Heritage Foundation officials, pundits, think-tankists, etc., personally know enlisted servicemembers?

How many don't? Details, please.

It's no surprise that the MSM just missed a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on the personal conflicts of interest of leading pro-war cheerleaders; what an opportunity their complaints about the Post story would have presented. 'No wonder they threw it away.


At 25 December, 2005 10:30, Blogger Espella Humanzee said...

I just stopped by to see for myself how lame this site is - yep, it's lame alright. How's that man crush you have for me working out, Blogenfreude?

Merry Christmas, moonbats!

At 25 December, 2005 10:43, Blogger Karl said...

espella humanzee-

Well, thanks for visiting, and for reassuring us that there's at least one Yellow Elephant Chickenhawk out there - You!

[Assuming you're under 40, healthy and heterosexual, that is.]

At 25 December, 2005 12:38, Blogger spankthatdonkey said...

I'm a Right Wing Nutjob, and I clickd on your ad in the General (who I find amusing by the way).

At what point do you people realize you are protesting a War fought by "volunteers"??? If a draft were in place, it would be one thing, but there is no draft. No fear that YOU !! will have to put your life on the line to protect your liberties.

Now having said that about you personally, your cause (yellow elephant) is lame as well. Even in the military only 2 out of 10 servicemen are exposed to combat anyhow.

Maybe this will help.... If you go to meet God, and he says, Oh you didn't want to help the Iraqi's free themselves of a tyrant dictator??? Then poof, next thing you know you are sitting next in line in Sadaam's torture chamber.. Next!!! oh, what a cute yellow elephant on your shirt there.... I'll give you a choice, knives, screw driver, pliers, oh my favorite... electric drill...

Oh, and Merry Christmas, unless you are Jewish and then Happy Hanukkah, or Muslim.....etc.

See how sensitive us "Right Wing Nut Jobs" can be :-)

At 25 December, 2005 12:47, Blogger phinky said...

Dang, espella and spanker are totally lame. Can you come up with something on your blogs that are not GOP talking points? You mess with the Yellow Elephant at your peril.

At 25 December, 2005 14:46, Blogger Karl said...


I think I'd ask that same question of you, as if reciting talking points is the same as walking point.

I'm surprised that you think that Operation Yellow Elephant is anti-Iraq War or that we are protesting the war. Whatever gave you that idea?

We're actually trying to save America from the cynicism that developes when political 'leadership' forgets to set a good personal example for the rest of us. It isn't as if our military is turning away plenty of qualified would-be recruits.

What would you say to God in the scenario you've described? Assuming you are eligible to serve (healthy heterosexual up to age 39), have you considered it? If not, why not? Details, please.

Anyone not eligible to serve, or who has seriously considered serving but made a legitimate, personal decision not to, can join the 101st Fighting Keyboarders.

Why waste your time on what used to be called "women's work"?

At 30 December, 2005 09:56, Blogger qkslvrwolf said...

Hey, spanky.

This volunteer still thinks that this Iraq thing is bullshit, and hopes to all that is holy that I don't have to go risk my life for a bunch of lies and mistruths. If I get sent to afghanistan, at least I'll be fighting the war on terror, instead of the war for oil.

If you're so worried, about the people in Iraq, why aren't you lobbying for us to go out and take on North Korea, fix the Sudan, Indonesia, the rest of africa, and Haiti?

You should be volunteering to go save the people of world, rather than coming up with retarded fairy tails about torture.


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