Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Closer Look at November Recruiting Stats

Last week, the Stars and Stripes reported that our active-duty military met its recruiting goals. But for the forces most active in Iraq (Army and Marine Corps) here's what they were:

Army: 105 percent of its November recruiting goal with 5,856 recruits.
Marine Corps: 105 percent of its goal with 2,127 recruits.
Note that monthly recruiting goals include a seasonal adjustment; fall and winter are slower than the spring and summer.

For the most powerful country in the world, whose governing party controls both Houses of Congress as well as The White House, and whose President has yet to veto a single bill, that's rather modest, isn't it? Didn't President Bush describe military service as a "noble calling" last June 28 at Fort Bragg? Pics are here, here, here and here.

Granted, the Stars and Stripes is a semi-official newspaper of the Department of Defense, but isn't there more to the story? Let's ask reporter Jeff Schogol and introduce him to Operation Yellow Elephant.


At 18 December, 2005 13:00, Blogger Blogenfreude said...

They lie, they simply falsify ...
Just Trillin.


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