Friday, December 09, 2005

Powell Endorses Larger Army

Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell told the Willamette College Republicans December 2 in Salem, Oregon, that the U.S. needs a larger, more versatile army capable of handling any threat and also adept at nation-building. Although it is not known whether Secretary Powell encouraged the Willamette College Republicans to consider volunteering for military service, Powell did defend his 1992-1993 position against gays in the military, acknowledging for the first time that "attitudes are changing." [See column on right]

OK, Secretary Powell, if you insist that our military remain heterosexuals-only (at least openly), as you did when you wore the uniform, why didn't you urge the heterosexual Willamette College Republicans to enlist? How about you, Willamette CRs President John Wickre? Our Army just missed its annual recruiting quota by the largest shortfall since 1979; even the Marine Corps missed its monthly quotas earlier this year. Given the challenging recruiting environment, there are concerns about the quality of current recruits (as a group). Meanwhile, the Pentagon is fighting a court case in Boston filed by discharged gay and lesbian servicemembers. 'Not to mention the continuing need for Arabic linguists.

And so it goes . . .


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