Monday, December 05, 2005

Military Recruiting Lead: UC Davis

The UC Davis Student Senate just approved, 8-4, a resolution discouraging military recruitment on campus because of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy against gay and lesbian servicemembers. Senior Tim Sutherland, Chair of the 500-member Davis College Republicans, responded:

"It doesn't matter how you word it - it still sends the message that ROTC students and the military are not welcome."

Well, Tim, given that you, yourself, have yet to answer President Bush's call to serve, it's not at all clear that military recruiters are welcomed by the Davis College Republicans anyway. Besides, if our governing party fulfilled its national leadership responsibilities, military recruiters wouldn't need to bother anyone on the UC Davis campus at all.

Student Senator Keith Shivley, an ROTC cadet, said from a senator's perspective he felt that the resolution admonishes ROTC students and urged the authors to "please attack the policy." The student newspaper reports that the wording was changed during the debate to reflect these concerns.

Operation Yellow Elephant salutes ROTC students nationwide for their decision to volunteer for military service. We support them in their service to our country and wish them the best.

How about you, Tim?


At 05 December, 2005 17:03, Blogger Blogenfreude said...

Davis? Mostly drivers of white or beige Volvos ... probably not military fodder. Volvo does not build Hummers, at least as far as I know ...


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