Saturday, December 03, 2005

Gingrich at the University of Utah: A Call to Serve?

Dear Mr. Gingrich-

You gave such an inspiring talk December 1 to the University of Utah College Republicans, saying that "Winning [in Iraq] is a predicate for a successful future," that the United States "cannot be intimidated by the current situation [there], and [that] we must confront Iran."

College Republican Brad Anderson agrees with former House Speaker Gingrich. "He's right on Iraq, he's right with Iran," Anderson said. "He called American power out . . . Gingrich in '08."

Newt, it seems that the Daily Utah Chronicle didn't record any exhortation to the University of Utah College Republicans to consider volunteering for military service, to make your dreams a reality. Did they mess up, or have you no intention of encouraging anyone to consider actually DOING something for our country?

How about you, Brad? If Mr. Gingrich is right on Iraq, have you visited your local recruiting station?


At 03 December, 2005 14:04, Blogger Blogenfreude said...

Brad - as you probably hail from Utah, you know it's one of two states (Idaho is the other) that still give the Dear Leader more than a 50% approval rating. And the DL says we must stay the course ... looks like you have to go. Public opinion out there in Red State Amurrica demands it!

At 04 December, 2005 02:47, Blogger American Soldier said...

I just got back from Iraq not long ago and I must say that the situation is much different than is being reported.

I served knowing that many Americans supported me. Now that I'm back I find out that many didn't. I respect republicans because they're supportive of my brothers, but you're not. Why? Why do you think we're so evil? Do you really believe nothing good will come out of Iraq? Why so one sided?

At 04 December, 2005 03:59, Blogger Karl said...

american soldier-

Thank you for your service, which we respect. Although members of Operation Yellow Elephant hold a variety of individual opinions on the war, we are all committed to American success.

We are focusing on the future leaders of our governing party because the American people, in the past several elections, have selected the Republicans to lead our country.

Our governing party controls both Houses of Congress and the White House; the President has yet to veto a single bill. It is our governing party that has the responsibility to lead our nation.

Our Army just missed its annual recruiting quota by the largest shortfall since 1979. If Republican activists who are eligible to serve refuse actually to consider doing so, is this really support? How about Jenna's boyfriend?

I think not.

At 05 December, 2005 10:36, Blogger merlallen said...

American soldier, why do you think we don't support our troops? And what support, exactly do your "repub brothers" give you? Lip service? So what. Your "Republican Brothers" have cut your vet's benefits. What kind of support is that? . they also tried to cut hazard pay, but the nasty, troop hatin' Dems wouldn't let 'em.
I think you're just a troll in disguise.

At 05 December, 2005 16:06, Blogger Sadie Baker said...

The Republican Party is behind the troops all right - 5000 miles behind them.

A word of advice? Real friends don't cut VA funding. They don't send you into a vanity war without armor. They don't expect a fighting force smaller than the NYPD to subdue a country the size of Texas. Real friends don't lie to you, and they don't dishonor your service by throwing the Geneva Convention out the window.

This is not the 1960's, the world has changed. The idea that hippies=enemies and squares=friends doesn't hold anymore.

At 12 December, 2005 22:41, Blogger 1greensix said...

you don't feel support from the American people? tough shit. what makes you think the American people care about you at all? do you see any major corporations reaping gigantic tax breaks trying to recruit you for a job? most Americans didn't want you sent to the gulf in the first place but have never blamed the common soldier, sailor, nor marine for the invasion. the problem is that we have troops there, oil companies are getting barrels of oil from there for a dollar a barrel and charging us $60 a barrel, and aren't paying their fair share of the taxes to cover the cost of the war. that's why the average American doesn't support the war. if the oil companies were paying the freight no one would care how long you were there or where you were at all. as a Vietnam vet I hate to see anyone fighting any war on falsified evidence and this war is based on just as crooked evidence at the gulf of tonkin. (look it up)


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