Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Colgate University Prepares for Iraq Engagement

Operation Yellow Elephant welcomes the Colgate Chickenhawks to OYE and salutes them for encouraging the College Republicans and Young Republicans to Support The President. Their ad appeared in the student newspaper when the semester began. [Click here]

Colgate alumnus Garner Simmons '65 objected to the suggestion that the Colgate University CRs drop out to enlist, but strongly encouraged current students to consider serving, once they complete their degrees. [scroll to bottom of page 2] Mr. Simmons also reports that his son (Class of 1998) now serves in Iraq. Operation Yellow Elephant salutes the Simmons family for their service to our country.

The Colgate CRs helped to prepare for service in Iraq by asking Political Science Professor Stanley Brubaker to give a talk on his participation in a conference on the Iraqi constitution.

So, Prof. Brubaker, as one of American academia's few conservative professors, did you encourage the Colgate College Republicans to consider military service? And if so, when?


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