Saturday, December 17, 2005

Military Recruiting Lead: Connecticut Union of College Republicans

Meet Sarah Armstrong, a Junior at Connecticut College and Chair of the Connecticut Union of College Republicans. She was named the 2005 Ronald Reagan Activist of the Year at the College Republican National Board Meeting in Houston December 3-4 and is the first woman to receive the honor.

Well, Sarah, how about inspiring the rest of us to consider volunteering for military service by visiting your local Armed Forces Recruiting Station yourself?

Here's another military recruiting lead: the Connecticut Union of College Republicans, of course:

Officers: Robert Chung, Vice Chairman and Michael Lanza, Treasurer.

Executive Board: Anthony Genovese, Executive Director. How's your Marine Corps application going? Will Riemer, Tech Director, Jason Kasper, Communications Director and Carl Soderberg, Executive Assistant.

State Board:

Andrew Brochu, Central Connecticut State University
Chris Devine, Connecticut College
Anthony Genovese, Fairfield University [Ask him again.]
Adam Merriam, University of Hartford
Michael Vitali, Quinnipiac University
Kelly Edgar, Sacred Heart University
Derek Pilkerton, Southern Connecticut State University
Ryan Bessette, Teikyo Post
Mike Hubbard, University of Connecticut
Eugene Wong, Wesleyan University
Rich Kearney, Yale University

Go ahead; don't be shy. Ask them The Question.

Update: Here's how Chris Devine of Connecticut College responded: Don't e-mail me.


At 17 December, 2005 16:19, Blogger Doogman said...

What brave young men and women.


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