Sunday, December 11, 2005

Military Recruiting Lead: Oberlin College [OH]

Noted conservative Dinesh d'Souza defended the Iraq War at Oberlin College in Ohio, invited by the Oberlin College Republicans. Unfortunately, the student newspaper did not report whether he had encouraged any Oberlin CRs to consider volunteering for military service, despite their policy position on Iraq adopted at their November 15, 2005, meeting (typos corrected):

Concerning Iraq

"The CRs believe that we should stay in Iraq until it becomes a self-sustaining, autonomous democratic state. We believe that Bush did not lie to bring this country into war and that Saddam Hussein was a genocidal dictator that warranted removal. We acknowledge that there have been many mistakes, but the road to democracy -- marked by 10,000,000 voters and a ratified constitution -- is a noble mission that must be seen to its conclusion."

So, Oberlin College Republicans, any plans to Support President Bush in this "noble mission that must be seen to its conclusion"?


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