Monday, December 26, 2005

Military Recruiting Leads for 2015, 2018

Michelle Malkin, as one of many other Chickenhawk defenders, is completely missing the point of Operation Yellow Elephant and
"Sign Up or Shut Up."

It's not to get war supporters eligible to serve to Shut Up.

It's to get them to Sign Up.

And to get war supporters not eligible to serve to encourage their eligible relatives and friends, their circle of influence, to consider volunteering for military service.

Michelle Malkin just disclosed that she has two daughters, ages eight and five. Heads Up!


At 26 December, 2005 11:15, Blogger phinky said...

But Michelle Malkin has been too busy fighting the war to save Christmas to join the Army. Funny she didn't mention her hubby while she mentioned her daughters in the blog post. Could it be that Jesse wrote that blog post?

At 28 December, 2005 07:55, Blogger Jay Tea of said...

I agree. This whole thing isn't about getting war supporters like me to shut up. It's about changing the subject.

I see the war in Iraq as a necessary evil. I think it was the least worst option available. But you don't want to discuss that. You want to change the subject from the war to the supporter of the war -- you want to put me front and center on the table, discuss and dissect me, and by association discredit my position. You're shooting the messenger, hoping the message will go away.

I have to admit, I see the appeal of it. Why bother refuting the arguments and countering the points, when you can... um... what's that phrase... "engage in the politics of personal destruction" and simply eliminate all those who dissent from your views?

I took this on a while ago over at Wizbang, and called it "I'd rather be a chickenhawk than a chickenshit." And that's what the whole chickenhawk/yellow elephant argument boils down to: a chickenshit attempt to avoid entering into a real discussion, and instead attempt to change the discussion to the person making the argument. Sorry, I don't play those childish games.

(Jay Tea of

At 01 January, 2006 09:10, Blogger Karl said...

Actually, Jay Tea, it's not about getting war supporters like you to shut up.

It really is about getting war supporters like you to sign up.

Americans must volunteer to serve in our military. Given the ongoing recruiting problems, if you are eligible to serve and support the war, you have an obligation to consider [repeat: consider] serving.

The results of your reflections are indeed quite relevant to discussion of the war, because if the "noble cause" is not "noble" enough for you, personally, to consider getting involved, then perhaps it's not really as "noble" as you claim.

If you are eligible to serve, what's your explanation for not serving now? If you did visit your local recruiting station but were not accepted for enlistment, Thank You for stepping forward.

If you haven't even taken that step, why not?

Here's my full disclosure: I just turned 45 and am still too old; also ineligible under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but I continue to seek to go to Iraq in my current capacity.

At 02 January, 2006 15:39, Blogger zyx123 said...

My definition of a chickenshit (at least for the purpose of this thread): a chickenhawk who supports a war but won't risk life or limb, his or of a loved one he could persuade, for that war and leader.

There are many uniformed roles in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan that 18 or 58 year old defender of foreign democracies and constitutions can fill. Prior military service preferred.

At 03 January, 2006 18:53, Blogger Jay Tea of said...

Karl, just for the sake of argument let's say that I'm a double amputee with four Purple Hearts and a Medal of Honor, earned on the bloody beaches of Grenada. How would that affect your opinion of me and my position on the war?



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