Thursday, December 29, 2005

Yellow Elephant Chickenhawks: Robust, Uninhibited Debate

Here's a generic exchange from Denver's Rocky Mountain News. Alvin Miller of Greely CO Asks The Question: [scroll down to fourth item]

Like war? Then fight it

A recent letter writer to the Rocky Mountain News advocated staying the course in Iraq. No matter how many people have to die. Whether they belong to our side, or the "enemies'." I wonder how old this person was. Was he young enough to still serve in the military? Or was he just over the hill enough to talk tough, but not have to back it up?

For all you Republican chicken hawks out there who still support this war, why don't you enlist in the military? This war, which you say you support, has stretched our military to the breaking point. We need soldiers to fight it, but we don't have enough volunteers. If you support the war, then sign up to fight it! Don't let others fight your battles for you. Supporting the troops requires more than a bumper sticker on your car. [end text]

Wayne R. LaMura of Evergreen CO, LT USNR 1960-68, responded: [scroll down to seventh item]

This 'chicken hawk' willing to serve again

Letter writer Alvin Miller (above) didn't publish his service record but he can be sure that someone else has protected his right to voice his opposition to the war in Iraq. I'm tired of the infantile diatribe of those on the left who gorge themselves at the trough of freedom and liberty provided by "chicken hawks" like myself who provided it.

I'm waiting for them to do some service besides running their mouths off and denigrating those who did serve.

Yes, we would go back and serve if they would accept us. While I served when Miller was probably just a twinkle in his father's eye, I and many like me have stood the watch.

It seems so funny that when a liberal professes his right to bash our military and all who agree with the president, they are so forceful about denying those who disagree with them the same rights. [end text]

While Mr. LaMura deserves respect for his service to our country, you can see that he's following the YAF Chickenhawk Talking Points so closely that he's distorting Operation Yellow Elephant just like David Coogan. Perhaps The General can invite Mr. Coogan for some Michigan State University Spartan-style wrestling? He'll certainly need to toughen himself up.


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