Sunday, January 01, 2006

More Chickenhawk Talking Points: Dartmouth

The Dartmouth Review (TDR), conservative campus newspaper, printed an Ivy League version of the Chickenhawk Talking Points last November, with a specific focus on who can express opinions on public issues. Here's the cartoon to which TDR editors Michael Ellis and Scott Glabe responded:

. . . both of the accused are considering reserve and active duty service post-graduation. [blah blah blah]

Of course, a TDR book review/author interview reports that the Iraq veteran, Nathaniel Fick, Dartmouth '99, "encourages more 'good, smart, thoughtful, articulate people' to join up."

How 'bout it? Be A Man! Enlist!


At 02 January, 2006 00:42, Blogger L.J. Abershawe said...

Hello, I just recently posted a call to arms over at Club 100. Thank You for leading me to this wonderous place filled with young able bodied men and women who the military need so desparately.


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