Sunday, January 01, 2006

Freedom Fries Congressman: Help the Army Recruit!

North Carolina Republican Representative Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones has had a few second thoughts on the Iraq War, to the point that he now regrets his most famous public act. Rep. Jones' super-gerrymandered district includes several military bases; he's seen up close what the Iraq War is doing to our military.

Well, Mr. Jones, that's not enough. You're still a leader of our governing party and you still Support The President, right? So when you went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to honor Jordan Selleck, president of UNC College Republicans, with the Walter B. Jones Campus Defender Award, did you encourage him to consider volunteering for military service?

Sir, it's time for some serious national leadership, not only from you and our governing party, but from its future leaders as well. If you aren't up to it, then it's time to step down. The same goes for you, Jordan.

Thank you.


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