Monday, January 02, 2006

Yellow Elephants in Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas

It's business as usual in Texarkana; the Texarkana Debutante Cotillion Club presented nine 2005 Debutantes at the Presentation Ball at the Texarkana Country Club on Tuesday, December 27.

And none of those fine young men escorting the debutantes has ever visited an Armed Forces Recruiting Station, it seems.

Don't they realize that Our Country is At War, which President Bush has described as a "noble cause"?

What pussies! However, I'm certain their virginity is quite safe with those guys.


At 02 January, 2006 17:03, Blogger phinky said...

I'm sure the debs can enlist as well. The husband hunting prospects are much better in the Army. I should know I met my husband while I was in the Army. Don't these young women realize we're at war and the military needs healthy young people to serve. A female admin specialist, supply clerk, or intelligence analyst frees up a young man to join the infantry.


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