Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rep. Murtha wouldn't Enlist today

Pro-military, conservative Democratic Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania says that he would not enlist today. How will our governing party respond?

Will they encourage their own supporters, including relatives, friends and campaign contributors, to consider volunteering for military service if eligible?

Or will they say nothing? [Attacking Rep. Murtha doesn't count; he's just a Democrat and in the minority. Remember: The American people have chosen the Republicans to govern our country.]

Will they? If not now, when?

OK, Henry Hager, have you contacted a recruiter yet?


At 06 January, 2006 00:41, Blogger Gimbler said...

Well, they could grab a few like minded buddies and head down to the recruiting office to spite Murtha, but the won't.


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