Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome President Trump!

As the Obama Administration was focused on reducing the size of our military, our military needed no extra help - such as this blog - to help meet its recruiting objectives.  Accordingly, Operation Yellow Elephant went on hiatus, except for occasional commendations for real American patriots.

Today's Washington Times reports, however, that President Trump's plan to increase the size of our military may create some problems.  The entire article is worth a skim as relevant paras appear throughout.  Sufficient quality potential recruits is only part of the equation, but experienced personnel can have their mandatory end of service dates extended if America still needs them.

OYE Comment.  With one political party - the Republicans - in control of both political branches of our government, the buck stops there.  If Young Republicans really want to Support Our President, they will, once again, contact military recruiters to determine their eligibility and mutual interest.  Thank you.  End comment.